Daily Money Management:

Elder Independence and/or Busy Executives:

Medina Corp tailors their services in helping our elders and busy executives with money management and the associated paperwork and mail.  

Fraud, scam, late payment penalties and elder abuse are never an issue when Medina Corp is assisting the family with receiving mail, paying bills, household employees (caregivers), and making important phone calls.

With proper permissions and access, Medina Corp can perform the following services:

          *     Reconcile all accounts and monitor transactions
          *     Write checks and pay bills
          *     Make deposits
          *     Transfer funds
          *     Review and deal with insurance companies
          *     Organize materials for tax preparation
          *     Provide financial statements on a monthly basis
          *     On-line access for trustee and/or co-trustee
          *     Provide spending models
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